Man Cheats Death As Falling Crane Lands INCHES From Him!

You’re strolling down the street, minding your own business when BLAM! Your phone rings. It’s your mum, you’ll call her back later. You put your phone back in your pocket when suddenly – BOOM! Someone knocks into you. Tsk, they ought to watch where they’re going. Anyway, back to walking – OH, A CRANE’S FALLEN HUNDREDS OF FEET DOWN ONTO THE PATH JUST INCHES IN FRONT OF YOU!

The pavement can be a dangerous place. Especially in Eastern Europe where this video was filmed. The guy in this video can count himself pretty lucky to be alive after this. Or unlucky for it ever having happened at all. Either/or. Check it out – this is awesome footage of a freak accident:


Far be it for us to dictate Health & Safety and building regulations to our friends over in Eastern Europe, but… C’mon guys!

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