Artist Creates Beautiful Vases Out of The Most Unexpected Material!

What can you make out of a pack of pencils? A terrible drawing of something? And not much else, we’ll assume. Hey, no biggy – we’re not blaming you. Your drawing of an elephant or whatever it is probably beats the rubbish little rainbow owl we’d draw. But what’s the coolest things you can do with a pack of pencils? And when we say ‘you’, we suppose we mean Tuomas Markunpoika. Because he can make lots of cool things with a pack of pencils. Like make a vase. Seriously.

Pencil Vase (13)

First up, our man glues his pencils tightly together.

Pencil Vase (1)

Next up – he’s uses a machine lathe…

Pencil Vase (2)

Then there’s the long process of sanding and shaping the block of wood into a vase shape.

Pencil Vase (12)

Look – see? Pencils!

Pencil Vase (11)

They make for some pretty striking and extremely unique pieces, we’re sure you’d agree.

Pencil Vase (10)

They need a layer of lacquer to stop the graphite in the pencils from rubbing off.

Pencil Vase (9)

Pretty special, huh?

Pencil Vase (4)

We’re big fans of these things here. We love weird stuff – and all the better if it’s useful, eh?


Pencil Vase (5)

One of the things we love about these is that they’re giving the neglected pencil a new lease of life!

Pencil Vase (6)

Toumas call his collection, ‘Amalgamated’ and you can see the collection in full here.

Pencil Vase (7)


Pencil Vase (3)

Source: Tuomas Markunpoika

A bit better than what we’d come up with a pack of pencils, isn’t it? Good work, Tuomas! If you’d like to share the man’s work, you can do so by spreading the word via this post.

And if you like pencil art, check our this cool pencil jewellery.

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