A Pack of Pencils and Some Glue… What This Guy Makes From These Two Things Is Ridiculously Cool!

Woodwork genius Peter Brown is pretty good with his hands. He can turn everyday objects into fantastically imaginative jewellery. His most recent creations? Rings made from packs of coloured pencils…

Let’s look at how Peter makes these cool pieces of whittled hand-wear, shall we?

First, Peter’s gets his hands on a pack of coloured pencils.

Getting the Pencils Ready


He arranges them into the exact order he wants.

Coloured Pencils Together


Glues them all together.

Coloured Pencils Together


Drills in a finger-sized hole.

Pencil Jewellery


Cuts a rough ring shape, discarding the rest.

Glued Pencils


Then he fires up the lathe to begin refining the ring.

Peter Brown's Pencils


It’s starting to take shape now.

Pencil Ring Nearly Ready


Now to sand it down.

Sanding the Ring


Looking good…

It's Almost Finished


Then he lacquers it to give it a lovely sheen (and prevent splinters!)

Lacquered Pencil Ring


Before and after.

Cool Pencil Ring


The finished article!

Brilliant Pencil Art


Watch the video of the whole process

Picture credits: Peter Brown

Nice, huh? We wish we knew Peter – we bet he gives the best Birthday and Christmas presents!

What do you think?

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