34 Ridiculous DIY Fixes That Prove That You Should ALWAYS Hire a Professional!

And you thought you were bad at DIY… Introducing the most pathetic/unbelievable/weirdly innovative (but still stupid) fixes to problems ever seen. The 34 people responsible for these crimes against common sense need their toolboxes taken away from them.

1. Putting old CDs to use.

Fix It Up Fail


2. ‘I don’t need to fix the microwave, I can cook pizza another way. Over a nine hour period.’

Fix It Fails (22)


3. Ingenious! Sorry – we mean ‘dangerous!’

Fix It Fails (21)


4. Thinking outside the box/bottle.

Fix It Fails (20)


5. They didn’t have time to fix this clock properly.

Fix It Fails (17)


6. Quicker than opening the dispenser…?

Fix It Fails (16)


7. All fans are pretty much the same, right?

Fix It Fails (15)


8. ‘Hey, kids! Check it out!’

Fix It Fails (19)


9. Good as new.

Fix It Fails (18)


10. Let’s just hope it’s a small fire.

Fix It Fails (14)


11. Who uses landlines these days anyway?

Fix It Fails (13)


12. Hand mirrors/wing mirrors – what’s the difference?

Fix It Fails (12)


13. ‘The mailbox? Er, yeah – fixed it.’

Fix It Fails (10)


14. Nice hinge.

Fix It Fails (11)


15. What a ‘sink’!

Fix Fails (5)


16. Quality top bunk.

Fix Fails (10)


17. Make your own wiper blade replacement.

Fix It Fails (5)


18. It’s an outside lamp now.

Fix It Fails (6)


19. Backlight – FIXED.

Fix It Fails (1)


20. Couldn’t afford to install a real ceiling fan. 🙁

Fix Fails (6)


21. Clever.

Fix Fails (7)


22. More slow cooking.

Fix It Fails (2)


23. ‘No, it came like that. It’s designer or something.’

Fix It Fails (7)


24. Good as new.

Fix It Fails (8)


25. Their microwave’s still broken, y’know.

Fix It Fails (3)


26. Actually looks pretty comfortable.

Fix Fails (8)


27. Could just work. If you’re Super Mario.

Fix Fails (9)


28. Why not?

Fix It Fails (4)


29. That’s street legal, right?

Fix It Fails (9)


30. And this? Legal, is it? Hmm.

Failed Fix


31. Oh no, this is TOTALLY LEGAL.

Fix Fails (1)


32. That’ll do for now.

Fix Fails (2)


33. Rubber’s rubber, ‘aint it?

Fix Fails (3)


34. Wheel donated by tiny plane. ALSO NOT LEGAL.

Fix Fails (4)

There’s a fine line between genius and madness. And the people behind these fixing fails are nowhere near that line. They’re all firming sat in the middle of madness. Still, they’ve sure entertained us! Cheers, chaps!

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