You’ve Never Heard ‘Hotel California’ Played Quite As Beautifully As THIS!

Gabriella Quevado is a very special talent indeed. This young Swedish girl’s covers of some of rock’s biggest hits of all time bear repeat viewings and no mistake. Her Spanish-style guitar renditions of classic tunes really add an extra layer to them that we just know that the original artists would love. Her finger plucking skills are probably the best we’ve ever seen. We don’t think we’ve ever seen such poise, flawless playing, grace and ease before.

Here she takes on The Eagles’ Grammy Award-winning 1973 song, ‘Hotel California’. Regardless of whether you’re already a fan of the song, you’re going to want to listen to Gabriella’s version time and time again.

Watch out for how she manages to play the percussive parts of the song using her guitar too…

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