With Just a Few Everyday Items You Can Make The Most Amazing Natural Ottoman!

Got a spare tire kicking around that you no longer want? No, we’re not talking about the paunch around your midriff because you’ve stopped going to the gym. We’re talking about used car tires. Do you have any in the back yard going begging? Want to create something useful and unique with it? How about making a homemade and natural ottoman…?

Here’s what you’ll need: A tire, a glue gun (and glue), scissors, some sealant, a paint brush, a drill, some screws and a piece of wood the same shape as the tire.

Tire (5)Place the wood on top of the tire and drill three holes.

Tire (6)

Screw the wood to the tire.

Tire (7)

Find the exact center of the wood.

Tire (8)

Start gluing the rope to the wood, spiraling out.

Tire (9)

Try not to leave any gaps when you move off the wood and onto the tire.

Tire (10)

Continue gluing the rop, this time around the edges of the tire.

Tire (1)

When you get to the bottom of the piece of the wood, stop. Cut the rope and affix in place.

Tire (2)

Now just coat it with some sealant…

Tire (3)

Et voila! A handmade natural ottoman!

Tire (4)

Cool, huh? Not convinced? Looking for something else to do with your old tires? Here are twenty other ideas for you.

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