20 Fantastic Things To Do With Old Tires That’ll Really Bring Out Your Creative Side!

When you get new tires on your car, what do you do with the old ones? Leave them for the tire people to recycle? Throw them out? Keep ’em stacked up in your back yard for no real reason at all (other than to annoy your neighbors)? Well, we reckon you should do something with them. Something cool. Something creative. And there’s no need to think about how you’d do it all that much – we’ve got 20 fantastic ideas for you right here in one place.

Which will be your favorite…?

Pink dog bed!

Tires (1)


An imaginative flower bed.

Tires (2)


Miniature seesaws!

Tires (3)


Sand pits for kids.

Tires (4)


Do your kids love cars? This’ll look great on their bedroom window…

Tires (5)


Mirror frame.

Tires (6)


How about a tire ottoman?

Tires (7)


Cool outdoor furniture…

Tires (8)


Giant teacups – great for little girls!

Tires (9)


How about this imaginative table base?

Tires (10)


Kids will love them no matter what you do.

Tires (11)


Comfy-looking seating.

Tires (12)


Flower planters.

Tires (13)


These bird feeders are AWESOME!

Tires (14)


Stag rope swing.

Tires (15)


Standard rope swing.

Tires (16)


Great for teaching about gardening.

Tires (17)


Minion garden garbage collector.

Tires (18)


Keep your umbrellas safe.

Tires (19)


More fun for kids…

Tires (20)

You’ll never throw a used tire away again!

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash


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