This Marine Saved a Pup While Serving Overseas. Months Later, Their Reunion Will Touch You…

Marine Sgt. Jacob Fisher went over to serve in Afghanistan, proud to serve his country. But he knew that the time he spent over there would take its toll. He had a wife and young son back in the States and he was going to miss them terribly. Luckily for him and his new friend, he met a young puppy over there that he named Jax. He looked after the dog and the pair grew close. Jacob wanted nothing more than to take the dog home with him when it was time to go back to America. But he knew that was very unlikely.

But fortunately for Jacob, he heard about something the SPCA had set up called ‘Operation Baghdad Pups’, a program designed to reunite army folk with their dogs. Since they started back in 2008, they’ve helped get more than 500 servicemen and women and the dogs they’ve rescued abroad back together and settled back home.

Here’s Jax’s story:

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Written by Boredom Bash

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