Meet The World’s Happiest Dog!

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Meet Meaty the pitbull. Meaty is literally the happiest dog on the planet. From just the briefest of glances of his owner Lisa Reilly’s Instagram will show you that Meaty is living life to the full!

Last year, Lisa spotted a photo of Meaty on Facebook posted by Fresno Bully Rescue, an animal shelter in California. Immediately, she knew that she had to adopt the dog. He reminded Lisa of a much missed childhood pet, and she believed that destiny had sent the pooch in her direction. So she headed to the center, and took Meaty home.

At first, Meaty was wary. But Lisa and her partner showered the animal with love and affection. It wasn’t long before he settled in to his new home. And now, he is loving life!

Here are some snaps of Meaty from Lisa’s Instagram…








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