Cops Looking For Dude Who Jumped Over An LA Freeway On A DIRTBIKE!

You’ve Never Heard ‘Hotel California’ Played Quite As Beautifully As THIS!

Kyle Katsandris is a stunt biker with an awesome new claim to fame. He just jumped over Freeway 60 in Riverside County, California. In what can only be described as some serious real-life GTA stuff…

He posted a clip on him successfully completing the amazing jump on Instagram, along with the caption: “The key board warriors were out in full force. Where are you now? #nolimits”.

Now, what he did was technically illegal, so police are said to be investigating. But come on, they’ve got to be kidding. What are they going to arrest him for? Doing something awesome? Surely there are worse criminals out there that should be caught first.

Dirtbiker Jumps LA Freeway

Here’s how the internet first found out about the stunt, with a bit of background as to how it all got set up:

And here’s a news report on the incident:

What do you think?

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