These Amazing Burial Pods Will Turn You Into A Tree After You Die!

If you had a choice of what to do with your body after you die, what would you do? Fire your ashes into the sun? Have your corpse stuffed and put on display somewhere? Or perhaps you’d have your body preserved, like Walt Disney and Lenin? I doubt many of us would go with the old fashioned stick-you-in-a-box-and-dumped-you-in-the-ground routine.

Now, Italian designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel have come up with an unconventional yet amazing way of burying your loved ones. They have created an organic, biodegradable burial pod that transforms the body of the deceased into a tree.

tree pod coffin 1

How does it work? Well, the body is placed in the pod in the fetal position and then buried in the ground. Then a tree seed or a small tree is planted above the pod, and as the body decomposes, it provides the nutrients for the tree to grow.

tree pod coffin 5

The pods are made of starch plastic, which is 100% biodegradable, allowing the nutrients of the decomposing body to reach the tree. These pods will be planted in “memory forests”, essentially a 21st century graveyard.

tree pod coffin 6

The only snag is that in Italy these types of burials are currently prohibited. But, they are permitted in the UK and parts of the USA, so there is great hope that this project will be carried forward.

tree pod coffin 7

The beauty with this idea is that, just as they would visit your grave taking flowers, your loved ones can tend and care for the tree, which will serve as a reminder of your presence on this earth.

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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