Kid Builds A Real Life Lethal Laser Shotgun In His Garage!

This is Drake Anthony. Drake’s purpose in life is to make fantasy a reality. He seeks to build things usually reserved for Sci-Fi movies, and in his garage with simple materials! Not content with previously building a light sabre, this time he goes one step further by creating a real life laser shotgun.

Drake rigged eight 5W lasers in front of a heat sink and magnified the beams with lenses thereby creating an extremely powerful gun. It is powered by a 250 amp lithium-ion battery, which, incidentally, is strong enough to run a motorcycle!

This gun is no toy, however. Drake demonstrates its lethal potential by setting alight various materials using the mega powerful laser beams. From wood to plastic to liquids, the gun makes short shrift of anything in its way. If you’re going to try to make your own laser shotgun, be careful how you use it!

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