Electrically-Powered Gatling Gun Fires An Incredible 2,000 Rounds Per MINUTE!

While we all know that war is bad and terrible things happen in it, sometimes it’s possible to step back and just admire some of the engineering and technology that goes into the things we see on the battlefield. Now there are some rather big and rather impressive automatic machine guns out there, but we’re not sure if we’ve ever seen one as devastating as this…

It’s the electrically-driven ‘GECAL 50’ Gatling gun. It can be set to fire out either 1,000 or an incredible 2,000 rounds per minute and has an average recoil force when it’s firing of 500 pounds-force (2.2 kN). Now we’re not entirely sure we know what that means, but it sounds a lot!

More than 2,000 .50 BMG (12.7×99mm) cartridges fly out of this thing every sixty seconds, it’s crazy. Watch it in action right here:

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