4 Year-Old Adrenaline Junkie Can’t Stop Laughing On First Acrobatic Flight With Dad!

Frenchman Raphael Langumier is a pilot who specializes in acrobatic flying. That crazy spinning-around-in-the-air flying that crazy people do. Well, he’s up in his stunt plane and pleased to be about to introduce a family member to the wonder of aeronautical acrobatics. No, not his wife or mom or teenage son… His 4 year-old daughter Lea!

Now you might think that a little girl in a stunt plane doing loop de loops is a little cruel, but you’ve just got to watch her face. The sheer unbridled joy that only a kid could experience – and during such a thrilling experience – WOW! She is LOVING IT.

We want to go on one of these now…

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