When This 14 Year-Old Nails Great Balls Of Fire The Judges Can’t Handle It!

When you see 14 year-old Tilman walk on stage and sit down at his piano, you don’t expect much. Sure, he’s at the blind audition stage at Germany’s version of The Voice Kids, so he’s going to be fairly good at least. But absolutely no one – not the crowd, audience at home or (least of all) the judges expected him to be THIS good! When he rattles into a version of Jerry Lee Lewis’ Great Balls Of Fire, it’s like Jerry’s in the room!

It’s almost unthinkable that a kid this young can exhibit this level of stage presence, skills, voice and confidence. He’s got almost no experience, yet he can bring a house down like this? Incredible. Get ready to shout, ‘Goodness gracious!’ at your screen…

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