They Place Wooden Discs All About Their Beat-Up Floor… Soon? Their House Looks AWESOME!

If you’re renovating your home, one of the biggest areas to tackle is the floor. There’s plenty of it and it gets used every day. It’s not massively inspiring though, is it? Thousands of dollars spent on carpets or slats of fake wood or whatever. It’s one of the few areas of your house where you can’t really be all that unique or interesting. At least, that’s the common thought on it. But we’ve got an idea for you here which might just change the way you think about your floors…

This is old school DIY. And it’s amazing! First, you’ll need to get your hands on some wood. Logs, like these…

Wood (5)

Now you’ve got your logs, you’ll want to slice them evenly, creating wooden discs of equal size.

Wood (6)

See? Now place them, nice and tight, about the floor – cutting to size any around the edges.

Wood (4)

You’ll want to sand them down too before you glue them to the floor.

Wood (7)

It’ll take you a while, but it’ll be worth it!

Wood (8)

Once they’re all stuck, do a tour of the floor and make sure all the slices of log are stuck down nice and tight.

Wood (9)

Cool, huh? But you’re not done quite yet…

Wood (1)

Now you fill the gaps with polyurethane.

Wood (3)

How good does it look now?!

Wood (2)

Perfect all-natural wooden floors. As easy as that!

What do you think?


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