Aaaah… Watch This Guilty Dog Apologise For Stealing a Baby’s Toy. Adorable!

The cute little clip we’ve got for you below seems to be proof that it’s not just us humans who experience emotions like guilt. The video is a perfect example of that moment when you realise you’ve done something wrong and you try your best to make up for it. Charlie the beagle fancied a go on his friend Laura’s toy. So, without thinking, he takes it and walks off with it. But baby Laura isn’t pleased with this, so she starts crying. Guilt-ridden, Charlie tries to atone for his error by giving Laura a ball. And then a PlayStation controller. And then her toy… And then a dolly!

What a dude. Take a look:


What a great pal Charlie is, eh? Looking for more funny canine-based action? This should help…