Has Hillary Clinton Been Caught On Tape Birthing An Alien Life Form?!

The “alt-right” conspiracy theorist community are pretty obsessed with Hillary Clinton. One of the most enduring theories that does the rounds is that Clinton is actually gravely ill – dying in fact – and the mainstream media are covering this up. Quite why a woman who is about to pop her clogs would be standing to lead a country for the next 4, or even 8, years is beyond me, but there you go.

A less popular, but no more ridiculous, conspiracy is that Clinton is, in fact, an alien. Yep, you read that correctly. There are actual, functioning individuals who believe that the presidential nominee is actually an alien life form who has taken over a human host body. Again, I find it hard to grasp quite why an extraterrestrial being would do this. But we’ll leave that to one side.

Where’s the evidence that Clinton is actually a space lizard, I hear you ask. Well, the not-at-all psychotic Alex Jones has a video that will prove it once and for all. In the shocking footage, we see the former First Lady birthing two alien eggs through her mouth. Seriously, you definitely see her coughing out her offspring into a glass of water.

What’s that – it could just be some gum, or a sweet? WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!

What do you think?


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