This Hyper-Realistic Painting Isn’t Just Art – It’s Freakin’ Magic!

Marcello Barenghi is quite good at drawing. And when we say ‘quite good’, we mean ‘THE BEST’. He’s got a knack for the uncanny. He’s speciality is what’s known as ‘hyperrealistic art’. He can draw and paint anything to look real. And we’re talking ‘real’ real, not just ‘looks a bit like it’ real. His latest work is a bottle of Oddka vodka and were it not for the fact that you can see him draw it in speeded-up time-lapsed footage, you’d never believe it wasn’t a photograph!

Seriously. Have a watch and see what you think:


Now THAT is a proper talent, isn’t it? We’ve absolutely no idea how Marcello does what he does, but that’s fine by us. We’re happy to just sit and watch in awe. Top work, Mr. B!

If you want to see more of the man’s work, check out his website. And if you fancy helping him get his work out there, share this post with people you know.

What do you think?

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