You’ll Love This Daddy and Daughter ‘Let It Go’ Duet!

Disney’s Frozen spawned one of the biggest movie songs ever. ‘Let It Go’ was a smash hit, with Disney fans across the world singing it wherever there are ever since it was released. And little Blakely and her dad here certainly belt it out in this latest car duet video. And they do it brilliantly! Texas-based readers may recognise the dad – he’s iHeartRadio presenter Billy the Kidd (real name William H. Bonney).

While Daddy might have a good radio voice, his singing voice isn’t exactly 100%! But his 3 year-old daughter more than makes up for it. But it’s not their vocal prowess that makes this a lovely little video, it’s the chemistry. This’ll warm the cockles of your heart, trust us…

Have a watch – what a team!


‘Done. Goodnight Dallas!’

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