WHOA. I Couldn’t Believe This Beautiful Wiz Khalifa Cover Was Coming From a 14 Year Old!

We’re all familiar with Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s touching dedication to the late actor Paul Walker. It was used to such great effect in the recent action movie Furious 7. ‘See You Again’ was a runaway smash hit and was number one in the charts for weeks. It’s a great song. But you’ve never heard it like this before…

It’s a ballad, to all intents and purposes, so to hear a woman singing it doesn’t seem that strange at all, really. But when you hear the spellbinding vocals and then realize that they belong to a 14 year-old girl, you’ll be amazed! Thai teenager Jannine Weigel’s beautiful cover has certainly captured and held our attention she we first heard it and we think it’ll do the same with you.

You’re going to LOVE this!

What do you think?


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