Crazy Japanese Game Show Sees 2 Girls Battle To Try And Blow a Cockroach Into Each Other’s Mouths

As you may know, Japanese game shows are INSANE. Some of the challenges and things they make their contestants do are just crazy. In fact, plenty of them probably contravene the Human Rights Act. But still, people keep applying to go on them. Why? We’ve absolutely no idea. And while we’ve seen some pretty messed up stuff on these shows in our time, we may have reached critical point here.

‘AKBingo!’ is a ‘variety show’ starring the Japanese girl pop group AKB48, which is hosted by the comedic duo Bad Boys. One of the segments see two people trying to blow a cockroach into the other one’s mouth through a transparent plastic pipe. Yeah. Really.

We wish we were making this up, but we’re really not…

What do you think?


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