80 Year Old Driver Crashes With Jay Leno In The Car!

‘The Missouri Miracle’ Sees a Mysterious Man Save a Car Crash Victim Then Disappear!

TV presenter Jay Leno has miraculously walked away from a serious car crash unscathed. Leno was filming with Bob Riggle, for his TV series Jay Leno’s Garage, when the latter’s 2,500hp Barracuda flipped and rolled several times at the Irwindale Speedway.

80 year old Riggle was a hero of Leno’s as a child, and riding in a car with him had long been an ambition of the former chat show host. The Barracuda was a notoriously powerful car from the 1960s speedway circuit.

“This is only the second crash I’ve had in the 50 years of running this car.” – Bob Riggle

Watch a video of the incident below.

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