This ‘Blind’ Man’s Testing Strangers’ Honesty With SHOCKING Results!

YouTube filmmaker and actor Jag Singh – who goes by the online name ‘Johal’ – decided to test the honesty of some of the people in his neighborhood. His plan? A ‘Blind Prank‘. He donned dark glasses and got hold of a cane. Next, he took his idea to two areas of town. The richer, more affluent area. And a suburb renowned for its homelessness problem.

Johal’s effectively asking the question, ‘would people steal from a blind person?‘ And if so – are they more likely to do it if they’re broke? Johal’s hometown of San Francisco has plenty of both rich and poor folk. You’ll no doubt have your preconceptions about how this experiment will go down. But will you be vindicated or surprised???

See what happens when the public are challenged over whether they’d take advantage of a blind person. The results might just shock you…