Watch This Teen Take Sweet Revenge As He Steals His Bike Back!

Dumb Thief Tries To Steal A Car. What Happened Next Had Him Out Cold!

No one likes a thief, do they? It’s pretty low to take someone else’s property. they’ve had to work hard to earn it and someone just comes along and pinches it. It’s no good. And that’s why it’s always good to see a thief getting their comeuppance.

That’s why we love this new video. In it, we see a young guy hatch a master plan to take revenge and take back his stolen bike. He’s lost his bike. Well, actually – he’s not lost it. He’s had it stolen. By a local light-fingered criminal who instantly put the thing up on Craigslist. Seeing it listed, the bikeless teenager decided to take it back. On camera.

So, he arranged to view the bike and take it out for a test spin. All caught on camera. See what happened when his audacious plan came to fruition…

What do you think?

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