MMA Fighter Stops Bank Robbery; Hogties Thief Until Police Arrive At Scene

MMA fighter Eric Haritakis witnessed a bank robbery in his native state of Florida recently and decided to do something about it. A tough guy, he thought he’d take down the thief and HOGTIE him while he waited for police to arrive. Which he duly did. Haritakis asked the staff at the bank if they had any cable ties to tie him up with, but they didn’t. So he grabbed some duct tape from the UPS next door. Incredible!

Haritakis headed into the Tampa Bay Grow Financial Credit Union just to to drop off money for his health food delivery business when he heard a teller screamed that she’d just been robbed by a man who was now leaving the bank. Michael Jon Neubecker tried to escape on foot but brave Haridakis caught up with him and restrained him.

Most people might agree that this was a pretty cool thing to do, but local Sheriff Bob Gualtieri doesn’t…

“You can be trained all you want with your hands, but hands don’t stop bullets. If this guy had a gun as you know he’s robbing a bank, MMA or, you know, Hulk Hogan — it really doesn’t make a difference.”

What do you think?


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