Make This Simple Device To Keep The Mosquitoes And Bugs Away This Summer!

Summer’s here and that’s great news, huh?! Long warm days, camping trips, lazy evenings spent out on the porch. However you like to enjoy your summer months and wherever you are, there’s something that bugs all of us… Bugs! Little flies and gnats and mosquitoes buzz all around you making that high-pitched buzzing noise – they’re so annoying. Plus they bite you, don’t they?

We need a foolproof way to keep the summer bugs away and we think we’ve found just the thing. The video below shows an almost unbelievably simple trick to distracting and trapping flying bugs and keeping them out of your way. All you need is a large plastic bottle, a serated knife, some water, sugar and yeast…

This is smart, check out how you make it right here:

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