Dramatic Attack Proves Why You NEVER Poke a Leopard With a Stick…

Young Boy Makes Friends With a Strange And Extremely Dangerous Creature

Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya. It’s a place jammed full of dangerous animals. Africa is home to some of the world’s most intense, largest and most dangerous apex predators. Somehow humans have to find a way to co-habit with these enormous creatures, all of which are capable of killing someone in mere seconds. Most of the time it goes off without a hitch. But sometimes it goes wrong…

The people in this video have good intentions. They’re releasing a leopard back into the wild on the back of a truck. But when they reach their destination? The leopard won’t budge. They just assumed it’d happily get up and trot off. But that wasn’t the case at all. So what did one park ranger do? Break the golden rule – NEVER POKE A LEOPARD WITH A STICK!

Leopards are unpredictable (remember the leopard that got lost down a well?). And what this big cat does to the guy with the stick NO ONE saw coming. Least of all him. The poor guy. Watch what happened:

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