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Crazy Turkish Fighter Pilot Flies F-16 Dangerously Close To The Crowds’ Heads!

A fighter jet pilot. The sorta job you dreamed of doing as a kid, but you wouldn’t go near today. Maverick might look cool in Top Gun, but in reality it’s a very dangerous job, and one needing a whole lot of skill and training.

Look at these guys, for example. They are British RAF pilots testing out Typhoons and F-15s on the Mac Loop in North Wales. This is the lowest flying area anywhere in the world. When the pilots fly over the Mac Loop, they drop as close to just 30 ft above the ground, twisting and turning through the mountains.

The spectacle is so remarkable that tourists now set up camps on the side of the valley in order to sit and watch the pilots show off their skills throughout the day.

Watch footage of the pilots in action below:

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