Woman Stabbed In Hand After Magic Trick Fails HARD On Live TV

This ‘Magic’ Glass Prank Tricks Far More People Than It Should!

Marzena Rogalska is a Polish television presenter who’s game for a laugh and up for anything. But it seems that her willingness to try things landed her in BIG trouble recently live on TV when a magic trick went catastrophically wrong.

She presents the Question for Breakfast talk show in Poland and recently had on Marcin Poloniewicz as a guest. He’s a magician who finished as a semi-finalist in Poland’s Got Talent. But he’s talent went missing for his segment and he ended up accidentally getting Marzena to impale her own hand on a spike!

This is gruesome. She’s okay now, but this was NOT supposed to happen!

TV magic trick gone wrong

Check it out. This is how Polish magic goes down…

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