Pimple Doctor Takes on Her Biggest Job Yet – a HUGE Lipoma on a Patient’s Back!

Doctor Sandra Lee is getting pretty famous online, isn’t she? Now you might not think you know her, but you almost certainly do… She’s probably best known for her online alter ego/nickname Dr. Pimple Popper. Her job? To pop pimples!

Her videos show her work in taking down enormous zits, pimples, spots, growth and even things like lipomas like we have here. The vids are gross, sure, but people love them. They’re certainly disgusting but there is definitely something oddly intriguing about them.

This here lipoma is a Helluva thing too. A real doozy. We’ve seen some epic pimple videos online before, but never anything of this scale! Lipoma’s are giant lumps of fatty tissue that grown between the muscle and the skin. And they don’t get much bigger than this!

Pimple Popping

This thing really is enormous and needs some serious work to get it out. If you think you can stomach it – check it out!

What do you think?

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