Model Gets HUGE Backlash After Posting This Post-Pregnancy Bikini Selfie…

Instagram Model Pregnancy

Katherine Webb, is a model. A former Miss Alabama, she makes her living from posing for snaps. It’s her job to live healthily and look great. If she didn’t she wouldn’t book work and she’s quickly become poor. Something you don’t want to do when you’ve just had a baby.

She’s big on Instagram and recently posted some pictures of her incredible post-pregnancy bod. She had her son Tripp just a month ago and you can see just how trim she is already. But the pictures caused such real controversy!

While some people congratulated her on getting back into shape so quickly, others heavily criticized her for concentrating on exercise over motherhood and some even told her to eat more.

What do you think?

Instagram Model Pregnancy

One Instagram user haleybrown808, writing this: “This is what you call fishing for compliments lol she knows how small she is, she just wanted to be told. Not an ounce of fat smh lol.” Wonderboy2u agreed saying, “I guess there is no dignity left in this world. Do you get paid to post this stupid stuff?”

Whatever you think of her, you can’t deny that her baby’s cute, though!

What do you think?

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