Idiot On YouTube Tries To Cut Fruit With Ninja Swords. Manages To Sever Two Of His Fingers!

This Was Voted Youtube Video Of The Year. Watch It And You’ll See Why

A YouTube vlogger has caught on film the moment that he accidentally severs two of his fingers. Lance Stewart was trying to slice oranges being thrown by his friends with a pair of ninja swords when the incident happened.

The video starts with Stewart messing about with his friends, trying to slice through the fruit being tossed by a group behind the camera. Then, all of a sudden, you see him drop the swords and let off a high pitched scream, as blood spurts out of his right hand.


Oddly, Lance alternates between cries and hysterical laughing as one of his friends rings 911. He becomes so maniacal that he even faints, with friends concerned that he might be losing too much blood.

The camera carries on rolling as police and paramedics arrive and he is taken to hospital. It also shows him recovering in ER later that day. In total, Stewart needed 12 stitches across his pinkie, ring finger and palm. He also needed surgery to correct a severed tendon.

Ladies and gentleman, Lance Stewart. Winner of the 2016 Darwin Award.

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