This Is The Very First Heartless Human… And He Is Surviving Without A PULSE!

A man with ‘amyloidosis’, which is a rare autoimmune disease, is currently alive and well and living WITHOUT A HEART. His condition causes kidney, liver and heart failure and after an episode caused massive heart failure, Craig Lewis was about to die. The 55 year-old only had days. So medical intervention was absolutely necessary. And those working on Lewis needed to think outside of the box when they realized that a pacemaker would not be up to the job. And boy did they do that. They thought miles outside it…



Dr. Billy Cohn and Dr. Bud Frazier from the Texas Heart Institute had to take the first tricky step of removing Lewis’ heart. And its replacement? Something they’d come up with that they call a ‘Continuous Flow Device’. They’d tested the device out before on calves and it had worked. So they installed their invention. And, lo and behold, within a day, their patient was back on his first. Incredible!


What’s the weirdest thing about this story? The continuous flow device steadily pumps blood around the body, instead of ‘beating’ it around, like a heart does. So there’s no pulse!

See what happened in detail. It’s such an amazing story:

Can you imagine living without a heart? Without a pulse…?

What do you think?

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