After Arresting This Man, Cops Made An EXTREMELY Disturbing Discovery…


Here’s a crazy story that sounds like it’s come straight out of Mission Impossible: 2 or Scooby Doo. A white man was arrrested in Edmunton, Canada, for a series of bank robberies and the violent carjacking of a woman. However once he was arrested, he was found to be, in fact, a black Ethiopian man! The incredible turnaround was down to a particularly impressive mask that the criminal had donned. Solomon Zemichael Teklie wore the realistic disguise to throw police off the scent and, for a while at least, it seemed to work!


Teklie wasn’t as successful as his mask, however. His crime spree was pretty short, he only had a pellet gun and bagged just over £1,000. When caught, Teklie seemed genuinely sorry, apparently.


No one likes a criminal, but at least this guy’s given us a laugh today!

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