ATTENTION LADIES! Watch Guys Experience The Pain Of Childbirth!

It’s pretty much an accepted fact that childbirth is the most painful thing that a human being has to endure in their lives. Well, apart from having to watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop, of course. To describe the pain of pushing a baby out as ‘agony’ is to do it a disservice. And it seems pretty unfair that it’s only ever women that have to face the terrible pain of birth, doesn’t it? Well, yes.

It’s time a few men experienced what childbirth is like. Okay, okay – not exactly. Science hasn’t miraculously made a couple of dudes pregnant and forced them to push out a baby from, well, wherever… This is an experiment using similar types of pain. Two men are hooked up to electro-simulation devices, set on high for a full two hours. Experts claim this is as similar to the pain of pushing a baby out as it’s possible to replicate.

How you think they got on? Check it out for yourself:

What do you think?

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