Mother Earns $15k Per Week Renting Out Kids To The Elderly

Child Rental

Mother of six, Tammy Peters, found herself bankrupt last January after her husband lost a quick and unexpected battle to cancer. He left behind no savings or life insurance to support the family.

Peters obtained government assistance, but said clerical errors were later discovered that caused her to lose all financial support. Peters obtained a part-time job at a fast-food restaurant, but said daycare costs were more than she was making so she was forced to quit.  

Having no living family to turn to, she approached her in-laws. Her father-in-law loaned her money but it came with a huge catch – a 29% interest rate…

Child Rental
32 year-old Tammy Peters.

“I really thought my in-laws would step up and help the family in a genuine way,” Peters said. “But my father-in-law works for a major credit card company and doesn’t believe in financial handouts or zero interest loans. He says freebies make people soft and weak. When I was unable to make the first payment on the $3,000 loan, he tacked on penalties for nonpayment. Next thing you know I owe him $13,000. He took my van which I had put up as collateral and then made me sell my wedding ring to make an all interest payment. I lost my transportation and I had to change my phone number to stop his harassing collection calls.”

Peters had no options and could no longer bear the cries of hunger and boredom from her children and turned to prostitution.

“I’ve always been such a prude, but yes, I sold my body, but only for a month or two. It was the only way I could make rent and put food in my children’s bellies. The sad thing was that since I didn’t have transportation or childcare, I had to entertain my customers in my home. My kids walked in a few times and I just told them that mommy was giving massages.  I felt horrible lying to them. I should have just told them the truth.”

But things changed in ways Tammy could have never imagined when she and her children were walking to church one morning and an elderly gentleman approached the family. He introduced himself and passed out suckers to the kids.

Child Rental
The children.

“This nice old man was enchanted with my children,” Peters said. “I could not believe it, but after only a few minutes of talking to him, he asked if they could spend the weekend at his house. I naturally said no because he was a stranger. But then he offered to pay me $5,000 and I said yes so fast that I wasn’t even sure I had spoken. I dropped the kids off at his house the following weekend and left. I used my newfound free time and cash to go out and party like there was no tomorrow. I so deserved to let loose after all I had been through.”

Before Peters knew it, the gentlemen had introduced her to other elderly men and several couples who also paid to have the children spend time with them.  Peters claims she is making, on her best weeks, $15,000 renting out her children. She normally rents them six days a week during the summer, keeping them on Mondays and most holidays, but says she will rent them this Christmas break as she can double their fees. During the school year, she only rents them out nights and weekends.   

Child Rental
One of many Instagram photos posted by Peters showing off her lavish lifestyle.

Peters is building a new home, each kid getting their own room and bathroom, bought her dream car, a Porsche 911 Targa, and said she now “shops till she drops” nearly every day.

Child Rental
Peters’ Porsche 911 Targa.

“I highly recommend this business to other financially struggling mothers,” Peters said. “There is a huge untapped demand and the more kids you have, the more money you can make. Plus you’re helping old people be happy.”

Peters is currently producing a video series and accompanying EBook she will sell online that will provide mothers with actionable strategies and plenty of ‘do’s and don’ts’ to help them successfully profit from renting their children.

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