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Introducing… Butter Up – The Brand New Butter Knife That’s Taking Kickstarter By Storm!

We’ve all done it and we’ve all been annoyed by it. Trying to spread butter that just been taken out of the fridge. It’s not happening, is it? All you’re gonna do is tear up the bread. Right?

Butter Up

Well, this truly awful global problem that’s been causing us so much heartbreak and unhappiness all these years could FINALLY be at an end. Australian start-up firm DM Initiatives have come up with this beast… The Butter Up Knife:

Butter Up

And what a thing of beauty it is. It’s got a built-in grater which allows cold butter to be torn into thin little softened ribbons, a serrated edge and it’s broad, allowing easy spread. Here it is in action being clearly the greatest cutlery innovation ever…

Butter Up

Don’t worry, we’re not alone in agreeing this butter knife is the best thing since, well, sliced bread. DM are currently trying to raise $38,000 Aussie Dollars to get it launched via Kickstarter. So far they’ve raised ÂŁ300,000. And counting. SERIOUSLY.

Butter Up

This simple little thing has , weirdly, really caught the public imagination. Who knew we were all so desperate for more easily spreadable butter, huh?

Butter Up (3)

Buttery madness.

What do you think?

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