Meet The Cerebral Palsy Sufferer Who, Along With His Brother, Completed The Gruelling Ironman Challenge!

Danish twins Peder and Steen Moldrup are worldwide heroes after they completed the KMD Copenhagen Ironman Challenge recently. Why? Well, because Peder is a lifelong wheeluser user, suffering as he does with severe cerebral palsy. With the aid of his brother and some modifications to his chair though, he was able to complete the testing event.

Iron Man Disabled

First the pair were required to swim a distance of almost 4km. They’d had a special little lightweight rubber boat made up to allow Steen to pull Peder through with him.

Iron Man Disabled

Next up was an incredible 180km bike race! But it was from over… Then came a 42km marathon.

Iron Man Disabled

They managed to complete the challenge in 15 hours, 42 minutes and 38 seconds. Pretty good going, huh?

Iron Man Disabled

Heroes, the pair of them. We wish them all the best in any further challenges they decide on taking. Good luck, lads!

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Written by Boredom Bash

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