These Hilarious Photos Prove That The Camera Can’t Always Be Trusted!

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They say that the camera never lies. As a snapshot of a moment in time, people use photographs and videos to prove all sorts of things – the guilt or innocence of defendants, whether a ball is over the line in a soccer or tennis match, which runner crossed the line first, and so on.

But they can also sometimes get things wrong. Optical illusions, awkwardly placed body parts, photobombing animals – they can all change the image so it looks like something else is going on. Apparently innocent photos can be made to look awkward or even downright rude by an errant arm or passing stranger.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most hilarious camera mishaps in history. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it!

  1. I hope that’s her feet.

once you see it 1

2. Spiderman is packing heat.

once you see it 18

3. So *that’s* why she’s looking so pleased with herself

once you see it 17

4. Couldn’t you have waited until half time, ref?

once you see it 2

5. Mom’s can be soooo embarrassing.

once you see it 16

6. Colonic irrigation for the elderly?

once you see it 15

7. Micky gets a bit creepy after a few drinks

once you see it 14

8.”Were you girls looking for the Eiffel Tower?”

once you see it 13

9. She’s not quite got the hang of the visual aids yet…

once you see it 12

10. Everyone loves a sausage.

once you see it 11

11. And on live television, as well.

once you see it 10

12. My furry friend.

once you see it 9

13. Who knew that were in fact many Big Bens?

once you see it 8

14. Careful how you carry your neck pillows.

once you see it 7

15. A bit cheeky, this one.

once you see it 6

16. They’re having a *very* close chat

once you see it 5

17. He’s escaping!

once you see it 4

18. There’ll be plenty of time for that later, buddy.

once you see it 3

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