Dad Puts Frank Sinatra On In The Car. When The Little Boy Opens His Mouth? It Blew Me Away…

She’s Barefoot And a Bit Messy But She Sings Sinatra Like You Won’t Believe…!

Ol’ Blue Eyes. An musical icon. From Fly Me To The Moon to You Make Me Feel So Young, Sinatra has released some of the most enduring tunes in popular modern music. Along with other Rat Pack members such as Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr, Sinatra is the flag bearer for swing and big band music.

He’s also awesome to sing along to. We all reckon we can belt out a bit of Come Fly With Me or whatever when it comes on the radio. Take this father and son. They decide to do a bit of carpool karaoke to “Me and My Shadow” with the old man taking on Frank’s part, and the boy Sammy Davis Jr’s. The result? Well, it’s pretty incredible. I definitely couldn’t sing like that at that age!

What do you think?

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