He Stood Proudly In Front Of This Flag He Made. But When The Camera Zooms In? UTTER DISBELIEF

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Jacob Feazel is a high school student from Bunker Hill, Indiana. When President’s Day rolled around, his teacher asked the class to create a piece of art commemorating the occasion. Whilst his fellow students did the familiar – painting pictures of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and the like – Jacob decided to do something much more special.

He took a large rectangular piece of wood, and glued red, white and blue toy soldiers to it, creating a massive stars and stripes. The piece of art, made using a whopping 4,466 toy soldiers, was inspired both by his love of America, and a desire to commemorate the veterans who had fought to keep it the Land of the Free.

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“When I was putting each Army guy on there, I was thinking about each of these guys. They serve, they are the ones that make this flag what it is. It took me 56 hours just to do this project, but they spend a very large portion of their life so that I can make this project,” Feazel said.

After his story went viral, Feazel set up his own Facebook page, which can be found here. He said:

“It fills me with a bunch of patriotism knowing that this made so many people happy that I did this. Awesome is the best word I can give you on how it makes me feel. It’s been requested I create a page to share my art. I’ve been blessed to see my most recent project go viral worldwide. Please follow along in my journey! I am a high school senior who’s been lucky enough to have my patriotic art project go viral with millions of views and shares. I would appreciate scholarship opportunities for college.”

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