Army Vets Tell Us About Their First Kills In This Harrowing Video

Dude Impersonating Soldier At Airport Is Busted By a REAL Veteran!

‘Do you remember the first time you killed someone?’ Now that’s not the kind of question you’d expect to hear many people ask… Or be able to answer. But the video we’ve got for you here isn’t a questionnaire given to serial killers. It’s a searching and touching project where army veterans are quizzed about some of their darkest moments. And it makes for some quite harrowing, but fascinating – and worthwhile – viewing.

Killing someone in the line of duty is a huge ask. Once you pull that trigger or set that explosive or plunge that knife, it can’t be undone. And it doesn’t matter how tough you are, it’s going to affect you. And in a big way. War is Hell and these Army vets demonstrate that with their recollections.

There are veterans of the Iraq war, Kosovan conflict and even Vietnam. It doesn’t matter where the killings happened, or when. They had a deep impact. Watch for yourself:

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