He Rescued An Injured Pelican – When I Saw The Bond They Have Today? I Cried!

Jeffrey Condon is the manager of Nomad Lodges in Tanzania, Africa. Part of his job is interacting with and looking after the local animals. He deals with all sorts every day. But his latest challenge? Taking in an injured pelican hurt in a storm and teaching it how to fish!

He named the weighty creature ‘Bigbird’ and had to train him from scratch. After he was hurt, the rest of his flock flew away and left him, so he never learned basic skills. They often hunt in force, so as a solitary animal, he’s struggled. Well, he did until Uncle Jeffrey stepped in with fishing lessons!

Jeffrey spends time with Bigbird every day and his hunting skills are improving greatly. He used to be terrible with getting his lunch… But now? Well, you could say – that peli-can fish!

Watch the two of them in action: