Mad Rhino Takes On A Pack Of Lions In a Battle That’s Too Close To Call

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Nature can be extreme. When you watch a documentary about animals from Sir David Attenborough or someone, you tune in because you love animals and you think it might make for cute watching. But the reality is much nastier. These animals don’t mess around. They fight, they kill, they bleed. And it’s never more extreme than when two giants face off…

We regard lions as the kings of the jungle/safari. But there are plenty of beasts out there that are bigger, heavier and tougher. Like the rhino. One on one, a rhino’s taking down a lion without too many problems. Tougher skin, a bigger frame and a giant horn all help. But what about a pack of lions? Can a rhino beat off competition that tough?

There’s only one way to find out. Don’t worry, this isn’t some twisted animal fighting world. This is real life. A pack – sorry, pride – of lions and a rhinoceros face off… Are you ready?

What do you think?


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