Brilliant Mom Installs A Tiny Pink Door. Now Watch Her Daughter’s Face When She Looks Inside…

MILLIONS Of Spiders Rain Down From The Sky In Australia, Covering EVERYTHING In Webs!

One day, Sally Copus, a Design Computing graduate from the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, noticed that her three year old daughter was utterly fascinated by fairies. There was something about these tiny mythical creatures that captivated the little girl.

Inspired by this, Copus set about designing something so that her daughter, and girls and boys like her,  could communicate with the fairies that so obsessed them. But what? Well, Sally invented a product she called the Lil’ Fairy Door.

“As a mother of two little girls I’ve been constantly bombarded with ways to keep my children occupied, from the toys to the television. I needed something for my children that kept them creative and the Lil’ Fairy Door concept has just awoken their sense of imagination”

Sally’s product was so successful that she secured funding on Australia’s version of the Shark Tank, and the Lil’ Fairy Door is now sold throughout the World!

But what exactly is the Lil’ Fairy Door? Watch this video and find out!

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