Rescued Fox Thinks He’s A Dog!

    Meet Todd. Todd thinks that he is a dog. He wags his tail, plays with dog toys, and even walks on a lead. But, Todd is actually a fox! He was rescued as a four-month-old cub and raised as a domestic pet by owner Emma D’Sylva in Stoke-On-Trent, England. Emma said, “Todd has been captive-bred so he has never been in the wild. I’ve had him since he was about four months old because his previous owners couldn’t look after him any more.”

    fox 1

    And now, having been tamed and domesticated, Todd has acquired a number of canine characteristics. He goes for walk’s with Emma’s two pet labradors, playing with them in locals parks.

    fox 8

    He also sleeps in a kennel in his enclosure, and wags his tail madly at feeding time!

    fox 7

    As Emma explains:

    “I get people coming over to me asking if he is a fox and if they can stroke him. He was a bit crazy when he first came to me last year but now he has a really strong bond with me and he will walk on a lead. He is very playful with me. He will run up to me wagging his tail when I go to feed him and he will roll over to have his belly tickled. He will come into the house but he has got a purpose built enclosure and he much prefers being outside. We got him a little plastic kennel in his enclosure with blankets which is similar to a dog bed. He is similar to a dog but he is a bit more hyperactive. He gets on with my two dogs, and wants to play with them all the time.”

    fox 6

    Todd is not Emma’s only strange pet. Other creatures who live at her three-bedroomed house include a skunk, a raccoon, lizards and snakes!

    fox 5

    Unfortunately, Todd cannot be let off his lead, because he is deaf and Emma can’t call him back!

    fox 4

    Todd spends plenty of time fooling around with Emma’s two dogs.

    fox 3

    So let’s hear it for Todd. The fox raised by humans who thinks he’s a dog!

    fox 2