A Couple Transformed This Big Yellow School Bus Into A Cozy Home. Wait Until You See The Inside.

Bus caravan thumb

I was never a fan of the school bus. The cold early mornings sat in a drafty tin truck made me feel more like I was being dragged off to the penitentiary than transported to school. So, it wouldn’t be my first choice for converting into a cozy home!

But that’s precisely what Jeremy and Mira Thompson did. They took an old school bus, and transformed it into a cute, compact little home.

Bus caravan 2

It took the couple four grueling years to convert the 1989 bus. It’s no longer mobile, but that doesn’t matter to them.

Bus caravan 3

The beautiful wood clad kitchen area has a fully functioning fridge, sink and stove.

Bus caravan 4

Despite being small, there is plenty of space to sit around and relax in, such as this comfy looking sofa!

Bus caravan 5

The living area also has a cast iron stove heater, perfect for those chilly winter months!

Bus caravan 6

The enclosed bedroom is roomy enough to sit up in as well.

Bus caravan 7

The bed area is canopied by another space which Jeremy uses to play his guitar. The wooden ceiling provides ideal acoustics.

Bus caravan 9

The Thompsons have shown that you can make a home out of just about anything!

Bus caravan 11

You don’t need to have the biggest space in the world. Just the wherewithal and a touch of style!

Bus caravan 12

What do you think?

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