Model Teaches Beautiful African Wildcat To Say ‘Mamma’!

African wildcats are wonderful creatures. They look like the common housecat that you and I might have at home, except they’re – obviously – wild. Well, most of them are. Some have been domesticated and are, as such, just big ol’ pussycats. Just like Morgan Lynn’s.

Morgan’s a former reality TV star and model who now spends her days with her two wildcat friends, Zeus and Hera. Both are spectacularly cute. And they can even talk!

Well, kinda…


Morgan’s taught them how to say ‘Mamma’. Sort of. It sounds a little like that, anyway. Still, whether you think these wildcats are saying ‘Mamma’ or just meowing, you can’t deny that they’re wonderful. Check ’em out!

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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