This Cat’s Eyes May Look Cute But There’s Actually Something Wrong With Her

Matilda is a healthy, happy and playful little two year-old cat, like any other. Except for one thing… You’ve probably already noticed what makes her slightly different. That’s right – her eyes. She may look cute with her huge saucer eyes (and she is), but it’s indicative of a problem. Don’t worry – she’s not going to die or anything like that…

Her owners first noticed that her right iris became hugely enlarged just after her first birthday. As they prepared to take her down to the vet to investigate the issue, the eye returned to normal. And so they thought little more of it.


Soon, Matilda’s owners received word from the owners of some of her siblings. The other cats in the family had developed a genetic eye condition which cause severe iris dilation and bulging. Matilda’s condition then came back and they took her straight to a veterinarian surgeon.


Life is now a little trickier for her and she requires treatment, but the cat is generally fine. Apparently she experiences no pain and her recent popularity on Instagram has seen a GoFundMe page set up and already reach its goal to allow full treatment.


Bless her!

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Written by Boredom Bash

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